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The primary purpose of the NNSD Website is to distribute quality information about personal safety. Our  links are to established, reliable organizations and individuals whom we have confidence in their goods and services through previous dealings. We do not link to companies, schools or equipment dealers we do not know and cannot guarantee -- either their services, the caliber of  information or behavior. While linking to us will help your search engine placement, do not contact us and  request a reciprocal link. Until we know who you are -- and that you are on the up and up -- it ain't gonna happen.
                                             Marc MacYoung
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Animal List webpage
Animal List members only (archives, jpegs, mpegs, recipes, links, etc.)

FBI- Crimes against Children
Internet Safety
Kid Power
McGruff, the crime dog for Kids

Kathy Noll/Jay Carter Taking the Bully by the horns
Personal Safety for Children
OJJDP-Child Protecion
Stanton Samenow (Identifying potential antisocial behavior in children)
Andrew Vachss The Zero (Women & Child Services) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED



The Official Website of Andrew Vachss

Crime types/Definitions
Wikipedia Burglary
Wikipedia Carjacking
Wikipedia Rape
Wikipedia Robbery

Other topics discussed on this site
Wikipedia Cults
Wikipedia Martial arts
Wikipedia Self-defense

Firearm instruction/information
Cornered Cat (Kathy Jackson's Website about women and firearms)
Firearms Academy of Seattle (Washington)
Lethal Force Institute/ Massaad Ayoob (800)624-9049

On Target Firearms Training (Colorado)
Use of Firearms

Home Security
"It Takes A Thief" on the Discovery Channel

Identity Theft A clearing house for ID theft, phishing, fake check services

Knife Training
Marc MacYoung

Lynn Thompson

American knife-makers
Boker Knives (US and Europe)
Cold Steel Lynn Thompson
Emerson Knives Ernest Emerson
Bob Engnath (R.I.P.)
Salamander Armoury Jim Hrusulas
Spyderco Knives
Knifemakers Guild
Knife Network

European knife makers
Boker Knives (Europe and US)
Fred Perrin

Sharpening Blades
Sharpenology (A blog about the science? Art? Zen of knife sharpening)

LEO training
Archangel group (John Giduck)
Calibre Press Street Survival Seminars
CQB (Chuck Habermehl)

International Police Defensive Tactics Association (Europe/USA)
Killology Dave Grossman

Lethal Force Institute
Line of (Lots of different training videos/ programs)
Loren Christensen LWC BOOKS

Martin Cooper Consultants(UK)
Massad Ayoob Group

NNSD Defensive Tactics

Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine
Rory Miller/Training (US) This is Rory's Training page

Rory Millier/Chiron (US) This is a thoughtful blog on issues faced by first responders
Verbal Judo

Legal Resources And Training (US)
Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network

Introduction to Use of Force
"Judicious Use of Lethal Force" courses (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
Second Amendment Foundation

Canada Use of Force
Self-defense and Canadian law

Martial arts
Why do you want to learn martial arts?
Australian training
Canadian training
European training
US training
Philosophical/religiously based MA
Grappling and submission fighting
Kali, escrima, arnis, JKD

What are the martial arts? You might be surprised ... Martial arts
Wikipedia Martial arts

Why do you want to learn the martial arts?
The Four Focuses of the Martial Arts
Lies about violence

Australian Training
Oppugnate/Applied Self-Defense(NSW)

Canadian training/SD issues
Confrontation Management Systems
Defend yourself 101
Self-defense and Canadian law

European Training
Bob Breen JKD/Kali (UK & lots of links)
Iain Abernethy Karate (UK)
Long Sword Fighting (Historic Western Swordsmanship)
Peter Consterdine (UK)
Pan Long Academy (Belgium)
Sword Ring Swordsmanship (Netherlands -- site is in Dutch)
Wim Demeere Sanshou/Tai Chi Chuan/Sanda (Belgium)

United States
Aikido - Aikido Nippon Kan, Denver CO
Aikido - Tenshinkai Federation, Westminster CA
Aikido - Toma Rosenzweig, Los Angeles CA
Danzan Ryu Jujitsu - William Randle, Los Angeles CA
Goju Karate - Lee Gray, Amarillo TX
Goju Karate - Kris Wilder, Lawrence Kane, Seattle WA

Hapkido - Alain Buresse, Missoula MT

Hapkido Thomas Howard NE (Lots lof links to Hapkido schools around world)
Hapkido - Sharon Tkach, San Dimas CA
muay Thai - Craig Lamana & The Punisher, SLC UT
Wing Chun - Hawkins Cheung, Los Angeles CA

Philosophical/religiously based MA
Christian Martial Arts
Je-du Too School of Martial Arts
Christian Martial Artist

Jewish Martial Arts/Krav Maga
United States
World Wide

Other Religious/Philosophical Martial Arts
James McNeil Little Nine Heaven/Splashing hands

Westside Dojo (Los Angeles)
Gracie Jujitsu Academy

Kali, Escrima, Arnis, JKD
Dog Brothers Martial Arts
Bob Breen (UK)
Bill Lowery (UK)
Toma Rosenzwig
Bill McGrath
Arnis Balite
Martial Arts Resource

Silat/Kunato training
Bob Orlando Denver CO

Serak Stevan Plinck Longview WA

Amerindo/MustikaJim Ingram (Lots of good silat links)

Martial arts rings/confederations/forums/networks
Black Dragon Association (Women's MA association)
Complete Martial
MA Web Ring
Indra's MA list
Martial Search
Yahoo's MA links

Personal Safety
Crime Reduction (UK)
Defend yourself 101 (seniors)
Department of Safety, Iowa National Crime Prevention Council
Personal Safety
Police Notebook

Criminal mind
Emotional issues
Mentally surviving violence

Asperger's Syndrome and Self-Defense
Jeffery Duetsch "Common Ground" Blog

Criminal mind
Stanton Samenow's home page
Inside the criminal mind
Albert Bernstein Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People drain you dry
Debra Niehoff Ph.D. Biology of Violence

Emotional Issues
Articles relating to psychology, finding a therapist, domestic violence, child abuse, ADD etc., at
Jay Carter,  Nasty People: How to avoid being hurt by them ...
                Nasty Men, how to not be hurt by them ...
Les Carter, Anger Workbook (Very Christian)
Emotional Abuse, Andrew Vachss
Carol Tavris, Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion
Al Siebert

Mentally Surviving violence
Kevin Gilmartin's Emotional Survival
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's Killology

Al Siebert
Phil O'Brien PFSD (Australia)
Gavin De Becker The gift of Fear

Publishers/Retailers, Books, Magazines and Videos
Aiki Productions (Martial Arts)
In Association with
Baker and Taylor Books (Dealers, Libraries, Universities)
Barnes and Noble
Calibre Press (LEO)
Dragon Times (MA)
Journal of Asian Martial Arts (MA)
MAI Publications (U.K.)
Paladin Press (Varied)
Tuttle Publishing (MA)

Self-defense courses
Fast Defense (Bill Kipp)

Geoff Thompson

RMCAT (Peyton Quinn)

Self-defense equipment/training (Nonlethal)
Canemasters Mark Shuey
Defend yourself 101Canes Ted Truscott

Self-defense lists/forums
Animal List

So you want to be a street fighter?
Information any young buck should read

Interview Terry Trahan (ex-street fighter)

Non violent/verbal self-defense
Gavin Debecker Inc Gavin Debecker
Edgework Ellis Amdur
JBA Associates Dr. Joseph Bablonka
Verbal Judo

Women’s self-defense courses
Cornered Cat (Kathy Jackson's Website on personal safety for women)
Impact/Model Mugging/PREPARE Nation wide listings 800-345-KICK
Fearless Tiger

Women's services and help
NNSD Safe Dating
National Sexual Violence Resource Center
Office of Victims of Crime
The Zero Andrew Vachss/Women & Child Services

Social/women's resources

Workplace Violence
Bournemouth online (UK) Safety/violence at work
CDC on work place violence
FBI PDF on the job violence
National Institution for Prevention of Workplace Violence
OSHA on violence at work
USDA handbook on work place violence
US Office of Personnel Management guide for violence on the job. Violence at Work (UK)
Violence at WorkPDF guide for employers
Workplace Violence 101

Just for fun
Barry Eisler Author of the popular John Rain series...we try to help him keep it
  real. Loads of good info for aspiring writers.
Bokehimages Photography by Doug Witrock (we've got his photos on our walls)
Green Hell If you've ever felt that you're the only one who sees how weird life
   is... you ain't alone. Gonzo journalism at its finest.
Human Factor Dr Eric Shaver's blog on ergonomic psychology
Long Sword Fighting (Historic Western Swordsmanship)
Neo Kilts Modern kilts for the well armed Scotsman (complete with holsters!)
The Abyss Artist/Cartoonist Ursula Vernon looks at psychology
Wanted: Hero comic They sent for the greatest hero in the galaxy...they got
   the wrong guy. Off-the-wall e-comic fun.

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Judicious Use of Deadly Force
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Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect
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Christian Theme

Christian Theme

Surviving Workplace Violence
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