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If everyone is thinking the same thing,
then someone isn't thinking
Gen. George S Patton

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October 2012

Mile High Con (Panelist)

26 -27
ASTN TV shoot

November 2012

Woodland Hills CA (Los Angeles)
Crime avoidance/Martial Mechanics/Knife Survival

KSK Martial Arts Academy
Sign up direct with Marc
(early bird discount $125 until Nov 3)

Los Angeles (LAX Marriot)

Los Con




22nd -24th
Seattle WA
Crime avoidance/Martial Mechanics/Knife Survival

West Seattle Karate
Sign up directly with Marc
(early bird discount $125 until Jan. 26)


Washington State
Surviving a Knife Attack/Defensive Knife

Firearms Academy of Seattle
Direct: Gila and Marty Hayes


Sheffield UK
Crime avoidance/Martial Mechanics/Knife Survival

Academy of Self-Defence
Direct: Garry Smith


Crime avoidance/Martial Mechanics/Knife Survival

Krav Maga School 013
Direct: Lex Bijlsma

May 31 -June 2
Bristol UK
Crime avoidance/Martial Mechanics/Knife Survival

Direct: Wayne Bradbury


Castle Rock CO
Animal List BBQ


September 27 - Oct 6
Elk River MN
Violence Dynamics
Conflict Communications/Martial Mechanics/Logic of Violence (Rory Miller)

Keishoukan Dojo
Direct: Kasey Keckiesen


Hosting a seminar
There are three ways we could do this

First, the owner of the venue/sponsor gets four 'free' slots ($500 value) and everyone else signs up with me via PayPal. I advertise it and people from the outside show up. I cover my own travel expenses. (zero risk, zero profit for the venue owner)

Second, owner covers my travel expenses, we both advertise and we split the profits. (I have over 5000 connections, plus whatever network/student base the owner has), both insiders and outsiders sign up with the venue owner and we divvy up Sunday night.

Third, closed session. Only authorized people. Travel expenses and flat fee.


You're good. I'll make you better.

I am not a martial artist, I am a martial analyst. Some call me a 'martial mechanic' That works too.

I'm not going to teach you what I do. I'm going to help you fix what you do. What I will do is make you sit down and think about what you know.

I do this in one of two ways. First is to find lost components that destroy your technique's power chain (the reason this move doesn't work is right here something is missing that allows him to resist).

Second is finding unconscious, habitual and extra movement that is being added. Extra movement isn't effective; it weakens your move, wastes time and leaves you exposed to injury.

My goal is to get you to move and act effectively. Because effectiveness not only is the height of the martial arts, but what will keep you alive in a violent encounter.

I will also introduce you to the factors that you must consider before you even try to apply what you know in a 'self-defense' situation. Issues such as legal considerations, "planning for success," social and moral issues about violence and adrenal stress factors that must be considered.

And that -- more than any killer commando fighting system -- will keep you alive and out of prison if you ever need to use your training in a situation.

Ongoing classes: Marc MacYoung teaches Self-Defense/Martial Analysis Tuesdays and Thursdays (6-7:30 p.m.) at the Castle Rock Rec Center. Castle Rock, Colorado.

 Dango Jiru karate Tuesdays and Thursdays (6 -7:30 p.m.) at the Castle Rock Rec Center

Costs are $50 a month.
No contracts
No additional fees
Not a commercialized school

Private Lessons Private Lessons are available on any subject at $50 an hour. All day (8 hours) at $300.

Private training is according to your schedule and what you want to learn. Since private lessons go for the same rate as small group lessons, we suggest you do is bring a friend (or friends) to divide the cost among yourselves Contact Marc MacYoung

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