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It was then that I realized I am selling something, a product called
‘not getting your ass beat’ and it is very hard to sell to some people
                           Sgt. Rory Miller, CERT Leader
                    Meditations on Violence

Law Enforcement Training

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Attack Signs | Control Presence/Violence De-escalation | De-escalation seminars | Defensive Tactics | Knife | Small Officer/Big Perp | Expert witness Private lessonsRates US/Canada | Rates overseas

Our defensive tactics are oriented at only one thing, officer safety. We offer four different seminars for officers. Each seminar can two day for training officers or reduced to two, one day classes to run as many officers through as possible.

Attack Signs
What are the signals that someone gives off just before he launches an attack? Not that he's thinking about attacking, but that in about two seconds you're going to be in a fight?

Control Presence/Violence De-escalation
The No Nonsense Self-Defense Control Presence Program is about  one thing maintaining control of a potentially violent situation. It is "front line psychology" for patrol officers. That is why we call it: De-escalation with a smile ... and superior firepower.

This program takes at two pronged approach First it acknowledges that negotiate and de-escalation is the preferred option (if nothing else it saves on all kinds of paperwork). Having said this, however, sometimes violent individuals just aren't in the mood to listen -- especially if they think they have the upper hand physically. With this in mind, the second prong that this system "communicates" to a potentially violent person that it is not safe to attack the negotiator.

This is done, not through "command presence," but "control presence," a tactical maneuvering pattern that not only makes it difficult to attack the negotiator, but puts the negotiator into a superior tactical position (both offensively and defensively) in the event of the situation going physical.

Through the establishment of control presence the officer not only opens the door to negotiate, but closes the door for the perp to successfully use violence. It is negotiate from a position of strength while at the same time letting the suspect decide it is in his best interest to cooperate.
Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas

De-escalation seminars
Unlike the Control Presence, the de-escalation program doesn't include tactical issues. Motivations for violence, types of violence and strategies most likely to counter them, just as important, the types of behaviors on the part of the negotiator will cause the situation to go physical, the difference between institutional and personal authority, command/control presence and pattern interruption strategies as well as how to prevent from accidentally sending the wrong signals to provoke an attack.

Also covered are what are the actions you can take to get it back from the physical? Getting, not only control, but cooperation? Many of the concepts in this class will be immediately recognized by veterans as "street smarts."  These are issues that it normally takes years  of hard knocks and experience to acquire an unconscious understanding and ability to apply. An understanding that is difficult to communicate to rookies. This is a crash course, designed to codify and explain what the veterans instinctively know about how to talk a situation down.

Defensive Tactics
Before you can fix it, you have to understand the nature of the problem

What is effective offense? What are the fundamental elements you must master in order for your offense to be effective?  Elements, that if they are not there, rob you of power. What are the ways to generate power and how do you deliver it into an opponent? Just as importantly, what are the unconscious moves and mistakes that students make that undermine their offense? A comprehensive look at the nature of effective offense and what it takes not to lose energy. This is a very advanced technical class moving from underlying theory to practical application. Focusing on debugging common "errors" that have crept into defensive tactics training (i.e. structural weakness, misunderstanding of range, coherent movement, offensive strategy and tactical deployment).

Conversely, by utilizing reliable takedown and control techniques that do not rely on muscle, the suspects safety is greatly enhanced. By not misapplying pain, the officer does not motivate the suspect to resist. A common problem that often results in both the officer and the suspect being injured and the department vulnerable to lawsuit.

This is a teaching solutions class. It is of more use to instructors and senior students as it addresses mistakes beginners commonly make and presents solutions, explanations and drills. This class is tailored to the needs of the hosting agency, martial arts, LEO or Military. Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas

Knife survival for LE/Correctional Officers
Most vests will not stop a shank attack -- especially an attack by a convict who knows the inherent weaknesses of vests. Unfortunately, officers do not have the option that civilians do; an option that is the most effective defense against a blade -- running. What is taught in this class is not some esoteric Filipino martial art. It is predicated on how knives are used in the US prisons and by criminals. In this seminar officer survival is paramount.

Small officer/Big Perp 
He's 6'4', 270 lbs, has a long record of felony assaults and you just told him "No."  Now you need to be able to back it up. This seminar is specially designed for female and smaller officers who are very likely to have to try to control a larger, stronger suspect who decides not to cooperate. The purpose of this training is to enhance existing defensive tactics so the smaller officer doesn't have to resort to chemical or baton tactics. The tactics taught in this seminar not only allow a smaller individual to easily manipulate a larger one, but on tape, it doesn't look any different from approved tactics...but the person being moved will feel the difference.

Expert Witness:
Street knife use, violence, use of force and event analysis (video analysis).

I specialize in identifying and explaining to the layman, the patterns of  conflict/violence, the nuances that lead to violence and perceptual changes humans undergo during conflict. I also address perceived vs. real threat, including danger signs that citizens do not know or recognize (especially with incidents involving knives). In short, I can see things on video that most people don't. Often, these are the points that lead to conflict I will provide a preliminary report that details what is happening and the significance.

Note to Defense attorneys: I prefer to work with prosecutors since seldom are knife attacks self-defense. I take two kinds of defense cases. First is if it was self-defense and is still being prosecuted. (If it wasn't self-defense and you're trying to get your client off on that it was, then my testimony will hurt your case more than help it. But, if it really was self-defense, then I can explain why it was). The second kind of defense case I will take is being over prosecuted or sued for 'over-reacting' to a knife.

Initial consultation/Video review - No charge
Note:  If I cannot help your case I will tell you right up front, ergo the no charge on initial consultation/video review.
Preliminary report: $400 (eyes only)
Deposition: $200 an hour
Testify: $300 and hour plus travel expenses.

CV on request.
Contact Marc MacYoung at or N.N.S.D. 303 814-0976  Mondays - Fridays 9am - 5pm MST

Hosting a seminar in US/Canada (amounts in US dollars)
Seminars run seven hours per day, plus one hour lunch break. All seminars and lectures are tailored to the needs of the hosting agency. It is at the host's discretion as to whether the seminars are internal for the school/agency only or open to public. Limit approximately 30 people (if more, additional staff is needed.) If open, charge what you like, you pocket the profits after fees/expenses are paid. However, for open events a "private" Friday night training session ca be scheduled for no extra charge.

$1000 two days, plus travel expenses and lodgings
$1200 three days, plus same
$1,500four days, plus same
$2000 six days, plus same

Allow for arrival the day/night before the seminar. For weekend seminars, this means Friday afternoon arrival in case of  flight delays. Sunday night return is acceptable if convenient, if not, Monday morning departure is acceptable.

Hosting a seminar overseas
Two day: $1,500 (US) plus travel and hotel lodging
Four day $2,000 (US), plus same
Longer tours: Contact us for prices

Allow for overseas arrival at least one day prior to seminar to compensate for jet lag and flight delays
NOTE: Travel time is a major factor of overseas pricing. Coordinating back-to-back seminars with other schools in your country (or neighboring countries) significantly reduces the cost of training and travel. Two schools split airfare and hotel arrangements. Smaller, private  midweek training sessions can be added without extra expense for the hosting schools/instructors.

For overseas engagements  allow for arrival a day and half  prior (Thursday) to seminar in order to compensate for jet lag and flight delays

Secrets of Effective Offense
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Taking It to the Streets
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