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Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect
A Complete Guide to the Use of Pepper Spray,
Less Lethal and Improvised Weapons

Kelly McCann (aka Jim Grover)

Kelly McCann's video features a complete course on the use of nonlethal weapons -- devices that can incapacitate an attacker without the use of lethal force.

He begins by discussing common hand-held self-defense devices. He teaches you how to tell the difference between a useless gimmick and a true life-saving tool. McCann then reveals the secrets of improvised weaponry and shows how to turn common items like credit cards and ballpoint pens into powerful defensive weapons.

He concludes his presentation with a no-nonsense course in realistic defensive use of pepper spray, including proper selection, how to carry it and how to deploy it; street-proven applications; and immediate back-up plans when spray alone isn't enough.

Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect: A Complete Guide to Use of Pepper Spray, Less Lethal and Improvised Weapons (Paladin Press), color, 60 minutes.

DVD, Item# DminmaxDVD
DVD-- $37   Retail: $39.95

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