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There's a belief in the entertainment industry
that action doesn't have to be realistic, it just
has to look good. That attitude ignores the reality
that 'real' conflict can not only look good, but it
creates a far stronger emotional and visceral
reaction than what is currently being presented.
That's because with realistic action and danger,
down deep in the audience their scared monkey
brains are screaming "I'm next on the dinner plate!"


Consulting for Movies/Theatre/Writers

On this page:
Helping Writers | Manuscript Review | Street Tough 101

Let us be very frank. The violence you see in movies is unrealistic. Upon hearing this you may say, "Good, we're talking entertainment after all."

Well it's not that simple. In fact, it creates a problems for us. Our job at NNSD is trying to teach people how to stay safe from crime and violence. Twenty years in this business has taught us: What most people are looking for is the entertainment version of a bad guy. In the mean time the real criminal is walking right up to them.

That's the first problem, the second is -- if realizing that they are being approached by a criminal -- they often cast around for a behavior that they hope will scare him away. What they usually end up landing on is a bad parody of a fictional hero. A parody that at best alerts the criminal that the person is safe to attack. At worst it provokes a far worse assault than what was originally planned.

Now we could rant and rail about these circumstances OR we can help you present better product. We want to help you portray an even scarier and more convincing antagonist by showing how it is really done.

The accurate portrayal of violence is far more visceral and frightening experience to the audience than what actors and writers can come up with their imagination. Why? Because it wiggles down deep to the audience's primitive brain and instincts and screams "PREDATOR!"

By helping you get it right, we help ourselves teach people how to be safe. We also help you create a more thrilling and entertaining prodct.

Helping Writers
We don't expect you to buy a pig in a poke. So you can find an example of what we can bring to your project on the Advice to Writers page.

Manuscript Review
Want to make your writing about dangerous situations and the men and women who function under those circumstances more realistic? We will read and give you a page by page critique of both the strong points and where your character would get his head blown off if he did it that way.
$400 per script/manuscript

Street Tough 101
How do criminals act? What are the survival skills and attitudes of people in "the Life?" What are the behaviors and awareness necessary to survive the violence and insanity of street life? Week long course, including "field trips."

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