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Martial Arts Training

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Training we offer:
Martial Arts Mechanics | Effective Offense | Knife | Making your martial art street effective | Women's self-defense | Private lessons
Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas

Martial Art Mechanics
Don't think of the machine, think of the man with the wrench. And what he needs to know.

Many techniques -- as they are being taught now -- are like a car that has no engine. You have the shape, but not what makes it go. Sometimes what is missing is big. Sometimes it's just a small part, like a distributor cap. Whatever it is, the technique/car won't run without it.

But if you don't know mechanics, you can't fix it.

Martial mechanics is teaching YOU to be a mechanic. It's teaching you how to find  what is keeping the technique from working. It first gives you the knowledge to look at what you do/teach and diagnose it. Then it gives you the tools to fix any problems you might find. Finally, it helps you as a teacher because you can explain why something has to be done for the technique to work.

Marc did an interview with Patrick Parker at Mokuren dojo that goes more in depth with how a Martial Arts Mechanic seminar can help you and your students.

Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas

Effective Offense
Before you can fix it, you have to understand the nature of the problem

What is effective offense? What are the fundamental elements you must master in order for your offense to be effective? Elements, that if they are not there, rob you of power. What are the ways to generate power and how do you deliver it into an opponent? Just as importantly, what are the unconscious moves and mistakes that students make that undermine their offense? A comprehensive look at the nature of effective offense and what it takes not to lose energy. This is a very advanced technical class moving from underlying theory to practical application. Focusing on debugging common "errors" that have crept into defensive training (i.e. structural weakness, misunderstanding of range, coherent movement, offensive strategy and tactical deployment).

This is a teaching solutions class. It is of more use to instructors and senior students as it addresses mistakes beginners commonly make and presents solutions, explanations and drills. This class is tailored to the needs of the hosting agency, martial arts, LEO or Military.

Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas Return to top of page

Knife Defense
We do not teach "knife fighting" That is a macho myth anyway -- and one that will get you killed. What No Nonsense Self-defense knife seminars teach is how to survive the horrible reality of a knife assault in a dark alley. Knife to knife "fights" are so rare as to be statistically meaningless.

Most knife attacks are assassination attempts, where only one person has a knife. It isn't a fight, it is someone trying to kill you. And we treat it as such.

Contrary to what many Filipino MA based, so-called "knife fighting" experts will tell you, you will *not* be attacked by a knifer in the way that they train you to handle. This is not to say that those sort of attacks can't happen, but rather they only originate from people who are trained in a specific manner. The way that a criminal or homicidal person comes at you is totally different.

A full on killing attack is what you need to know how to handle. And that is what we show you. This is not a martial art, it is survival, pure and simple. And by survival we also mean in surviving in the courtroom after you have caused serious -- if not fatal -- damage to an attacker by using a knife on him.

Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas

Making your martial art street effective
Because the goals are different, self-defense training is radically different than martial arts training. Just because you're trained in one, doesn't mean you can do the other.

Having said that: Any martial art system can be used effectively for self-defense. You can create a successful self-defense strategy using traditional martial art movement and the proper mindset/ strategy.

But that isn't going to happen on it's own.

This class shows you two things. First, the non-martial art issues (such as legal) involved in a self-defense situation. This class extensively deals with the realities of self-defense and the psychological, moral, social and legal complications that will commonly arise from use of force/self-defense. This includes how the law will view your conduct prior to and after a violent incident. Your conduct on either side of a physical engagement will greatly influence if the police arrest you for 'defending yourself.' While this class doesn't give you legal advice, it does acquaint you with the issues you must consider before you use your martial arts.

Second, what aspects of your art you need to emphasize to deal with assaults and attacks. Self-defense has its own requirements. You cannot use the techniques and mindset of the sparring ring in a violent confrontation -- especially if you try to stand and spar. This does not mean, however, that your art doesn't have effective self-defense elements. They are there. But they often must be brought forth, emphasized and tailored to work within legal parameters and against the sort of attacks you are likely to face

Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas

Women's self-defense
Marc has a saying: Everything I learned about women in the locker room was wrong. But ...if that's the case, what makes you think what other women tell you about men is any less wrong?

Men and women think and behave differently. And miscommunication is often a big source of conflict. This course is jointly taught by both Dianna Gordon MacYoung and Marc MacYoung. We teach it together because, that way, you aren't hearing locker room 'wisdom' about the opposite sex. The organization and presentation of the information is unique in that we present both the female AND male perspective.

We do this because we aren't teaching self-defense nearly as much as we are teaching life skills and rape/crime avoidance. This is not a course on empowerment, women's rights, fighting, or permission to do whatever you want to do; it is about commonsense, personal safety and taking personal responsibility so as not to be assaulted, raped or robbed.

NOTE: It is highly advised that you encourage both mothers and daughters to attend together -- in fact, we recommend you offer a 'family discount.' The mixing of ages helps because youth often has a hard time imaging these things happening. Hearing older women -- including their mothers -- discuss past experiences assists in getting the message across.

WSD seminars are two days/seven hours (see below*)

Cost is: $1,500, plus travel expenses for two within the US/Canada. $2000 overseas and travel/lodging expenses

Joint efforts are acceptable because it sometimes is difficult for one school/agency to muster sufficient numbers of participants. Two one-day seminars can be taught within the same city over a weekend with the various hosting agencies splitting costs and responsibilities.

*The seminar host must supply "ukes" and protective gear for them (hogues and cups or "Redman" suits). Ratio: Maximum 10 students for each uke, five to one is preferred, however. An additional evening of training of volunteer ukes must be schedule the night before the seminar. We have to fly in on a Friday afternoon to teach the ukes that night so they don't get hurt.

US/Canada seminars | Overseas Seminars

Private lessons in Castle Rock Colorado
Castle Rock is conveniently located at an equal distance between the Colorado Springs and Denver airports. Several hotels offer a selection of lodgings and prices.

$50 an hour $300 eight hours You pick the subject you want to learn

Castle Rock Hotel information The Quality Inn Castle Rock has a exercise room that serves as a workout room

There are a couple more places to find inexpensive lodging in town Castle Rock Hotel 303-688-9728 Castle Pines Hotel 303-688-1207

Hosting a seminar in US/Canada (amounts in US dollars)
Seminars run seven hours per day, plus one hour lunch break. All seminars and lectures are tailored to the needs of the hosting agency.

It is at the host's discretion as to whether the seminars are internal for the school/agency only or open to public. Limit approximately 30 people (if more, additional staff is needed.) If open, charge what you like, you pocket the profits after fees/expenses are paid. However, for open events a "private" Friday night training session can be scheduled for no extra charge.

$1000 two days, plus travel expenses and lodgings $1200 three days, plus same $1,500 four days, plus same $2000 six days, plus same

Allow for arrival the day/night before the seminar. For weekend seminars, this means Friday afternoon arrival in case of flight delays. Sunday night return is acceptable if convenient, if not, Monday morning departure is acceptable.

Overseas Rates
Due to travel time and possible problems, please allow for an extra day 'coming in.'

For example for a weekend seminar, plan for a Thursday arrival. I've been stuck overnight when connecting flights were cancelled. The extra day guarantees I will be there for the seminar in case of flight cancellation. If there are no travel problems, I will teach private lessons on Friday for no extra charge.

$1500 (US) two 'open' teaching days, plus travel expenses and lodgings

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