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"Because they stand on a wall
and say "Nothing is going to hurt
you tonight ... not on my watch"
                  A Few Good Men

LEO, Corrections, Security

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Violence Comes in Different Flavors | Violence NEVER Solved Anything ... Oh Yeah? | *Weapon Disarms

Welcome to the NNSD defensive tactics hub. Let us start out by stating what we are not. We are not motivational speakers.

There are people like Dave Grossman, Tony Blauer and Bruce Siddle, who are experts at giving rousing and confidence building speeches/training. This information provides officers with not just the fortitude to get up and do their jobs every day, but pride, gusto, esprite de corp, mental preparation and confidence. Our attitude towards motivational speakers is 'God bless 'em real good.' In a world that is often hostile to you and your profession, you need this kind of encouragement and praise ...

Because face it, you're humanity's proctologist.

You know what you are looking at every day and what is staring right back at you. And seeing that view day after day after day can get real depressing. Motivational speakers are wonderful because they allow you to proudly think of yourself as "Dr. (Your name), Proctologist." We salute you for that career choice and we raise a glass to those who can motivate you to get up every day and do it -- because it is a thankless job.

What NNSD is here for, Doctor, is for when things get messy.

Specifically, when what you're looking undergoes explosive decompression. No matter how well you dress it up, the downside of your profession is, every now and then, it hits the fan. And you're the one who's standing right there. When that happens all the motivational speeches in the world don't hold a candle to knowing what to do about it.

As a 'proctologist' you know explosive decompression happens regularly in this business. If you don't have a reliable response for when that happens, you can be injured or killed. The nuts-and-bolts of how to "GIT-R-Done!" is what we will help you with.

But also understand, we're here to not only to help you manage the splatter factor. We're also here to teach you to recognize the gurgling sound just before explosive decompression occurs. With this little bit of warning, you can keep from getting drenched.

The No Nonsense Self Defense LEO hub is divided into two categories, Control Presence and Defensive Tactics. Think of them as "street psychology" and "what to do when street psychology needs a little extra help." As we often say "90% of all situations can be deescalated, but that still leaves the 10%."  That 10% can happen anytime and under any circumstances, so you better plan for it.

Control Presence
We have developed an aggressive de-escalation program we call Control Presence. It's a program that is designed to prevent violence from occurring Not because we're afraid of violence, but because like you, we hate paperwork and morning after aches.

Defensive Tactics
We have a bit of shocking news ... departmentally approved techniques have a habit of failing miserably. Well now for the bad news, defensive tactics isn't the only topic where ineffective movement is being taught. The thing is it isn't that the moves don't work ... it's that how the move is being taught doesn't work. Once you know how to fix what you've been taught, (specifically what was taken out) these moves do work. So you can do effective moves that will keep you safe and not get in trouble with the department. You're just going to need some wrenches, nuts and bolts and duct tape. Which we'll supply you.

Violence Comes in Different Flavors
As law enforcment officers you are going to see all kinds of violence. And 99% of the time the people involved will claim it was 'self-defense.' Many people don't know what 'self-defense' is because they don't understand there are different kinds of violence. Not only do different kinds of violence have different goals, but a person's actions have significant influence on whether or not the situation goes physical. This is a field guide to what you will see out there.

Violence NEVER Solved Anything ... oh yeah?
Politically correct thinking would have us believe that any kind of violence is wrong (first off they need to read the section as to what violence really is). Often these people use their pacifism as a self-righteous weapon, especially against those whose job it is to use force to protect others and keep the peace. Anyone who has had to use justifiable force (or currently uses it professionally) has dealt with the scorn and disrespect of those who contemptuously proclaim 'violence never solves anything,' as a put down. Marc wrote a blog to rebut this long standing clich?and how to answer when it is being used as an insult instead of wisdom.

Weapon disarms/Facing a Weapon
Unfortunately there are many people who have never faced a weapon in their lives telling you what works to 'save your life' when weapons are involved. The problem is that most of these techniques will get you killed. Or, if you're extremely lucky, merely hospitalized and maimed for the rest of your life. We take a hard look at the fantasies and the realities of weapon disarms.


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