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In trying to seem knowledgeable on a subject, inexperienced
instructors, often mistake citing sources and giving credit
as undermining their credibility. Nothing could be further
from the truth. In fact, citing sources increases your
credibility -- because it proves you have done your 
homework and thoroughly researched the issue.

Terms of use for this information

On this page:
Franchising, representatives and certification in my system | Reciprocal links | Terms of Use

If you find useful information on this Web page you will probably want to pass it on. As long as you meet the standards of terms of use then you have our blessings. We want you to share this information to help keep people safe.

Franchising, representatives and certification in my system
In a word: No.

I do not certify, franchise or endow people with the title of Representative of my "system" -- especially in other countries. If you encounter someone who is claiming these things...grab your wallet and run. He's lying and he wants your money.

I have very strong opinions about  the cults that are rampant in the martial arts world. Unfortunately most of these money sucking programs use certifications, franchising and bestowing area representation as their facade of legitimacy. Like unaccredited Internet Universities and the Universal Life Church, these organizations have no creditability outside themselves. This means that the certifications they hand out really aren't worth the paper they are written on.

My creditability is based on the accuracy and usefulness of the information I share. It is based on teaching information that works. Not on the fact that I am the grandmaster of a deadly, secret streetfighting system that I will bestow credentials in. You can cross check my information with professional fields outside the martial arts/self- defense world. In fact, I heartily encourage you to do so because that is where I got most of it, from accredited and legitimate fields such as law, psychology, criminology, sociology and anthropology.

What I have a gift for is translating how those fields apply to self-defense.

Linking policy
While we appreciate the number of requests for reciprocal links that we receive daily, the truth is, if we don't know you, then odds we won't link back to you -- especially if you are selling stuff over the internet. The primary purpose of this Website is to distribute quality information about personal safety. Our choices of links are to established, reliable organizations and individuals. Sources whom we have confidence in their goods and services -- usually through previous dealings.

As our our  number one requirement is reliable information, we do not link to companies, schools or equipment dealers we do not know and cannot guarantee -- either their services, the caliber of  information or their behavior. While linking to us will help your search engine placement, do not contact us and  request a reciprocal link. Until we know who you are and that you are on the up and up, it ain't gonna happen.  

Terms of use of this information
The good news is that I am not looking for royalties. You are in fact allowed to use the information you find here - conditionally.

What I am seeking, however, is if you find useful information here that you give credit where credit is due. In as much as I cite my sources, I ask you do the same.

I hold the registered copyright for the "Five Stages of Violent Crime" arising out of the 1993 video Safe in the Street, the book Safe in the City also found at the bottom of thispage. Countless other terms, explanations and sayings arise out of my books and videos. But those are too numerous to go into right now. Use of and reprinting for commercial distribution of this information without expressed, written permission by the author is prohibited.

However, having said that. I do give you permission to use the systems herein for verbally communicating information regarding personal safety on the condition that you cite your sources. The author retains all rights. Commercial reproduction of this information by means written, video or other electronic media is prohibited without express written permission from the author.

In short, although you can't publish it without written permission, you can use it in workshops and your school - AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT.

If you want to post it on your Web site, publish it in your magazine/manual or hand it out in your school/during seminars -- contact me. I don't bite. I tend to freely give permission to use my information, as translations around the world prove. And I don't ask for royalties when I do that.

The bottom line is this, "Ask and ye shall receive." Don't ask and what ye shall receive will be a copyright infringement case. And I guarantee you that my lawyer can beat up your lawyer, no matter what country you are in.

As a further stipulation I would ask that if you are going to use the five stages system, then teach it in toto. Do NOT edit parts that you do not understand. Do not try to change the system to fit your ideologies or understanding. Many years of work and research went into the program to make it a complete as possible. This not only includes extensive field testing, but peer review and review from outside sources (academic, police, military, legal and psychological) In short, we not only tested it out in the streets, but experts from multiple fields reviewed the information and tried to find holes and flaws. When flaws were found, they were corrected. The core, however, withstood this rigorous review. As did the refined version which is presented here and in my released works.

If there are parts that you disagree with -- that's fine. That is however your own perception based on your personal experiences. It may not be a universal truth. What you are seeing is a complete program that covers the widest possible spectrum, contingencies and issues. Issues that may or may not be germane to you personally, but are germane to others. With that in mind, teach the whole system and let your students decide what they agree with or not

It is acceptable to me if you present the whole system and say "But I disagree with this point because of A, B and C." Inasmuch as the full information is still being transmitted, this allows the students to make an informed and rational decision about their personal safety.

So with that in mind, stay safe and good luck helping people do the same

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