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They're like their lives, short
brutal and ignorant
                       Terry Pratchett

The Realities Of Street Fighting,
Violence And Life On The Streets
and why these guys don't have a clue

On this page:
Training For A Fantasy | For Pride vs. For Life | Piss Lightening And Shit Macho

Eric Hoffer once said "Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength."

The behavior on forums these "internet warriors" display (while thinking it shows how "tough they are") is a perfect example of Hoffer's idea. That same behavior would get them stomped in honky tonks and dive bars and killed in biker bars and 'ethnic' establishments.

What's ironic is those are the very places the mythical "streetfighters" that they are always training to beat tend to congregate.

Places, incidentally, that these cyber-bad asses regularly avoid.

In other words, they never learn how truly dangerous people really behave.

But oh can they tell you all about how bad guys operate and how easy they are to defeat. Never been there themselves, but they can tell you all about what it takes. In fact, the internet and the schools where they train are places where they will spend hours doing just that.

Training For A Fantasy
Unfortunately, too many cyberstuds and internet street fighters think they have stacked the deck in their favor by learning some kind of "reality based fighting system" mixed martial art or an ultimate martial art. They feel that because they have this under their belt, that's all they need. With that attitude they go swaggering around telling themselves what dangerous street fighters they are ... just aching for a chance to unleash their deadly skills on some criminal trash.

Sure, what the self-proclaimed 'bad asses' have up their sleeve will cause serious damage if it lands. And quite frankly they are loaded for bear when it comes to beating the snot out of someone at a college bar. Matter of fact, they'd probably do pretty well in most blue collar neighborhood watering holes. Except if they didn't get their heads handed to them, then the cops showing up on their doorstep with security camera video of both the fight and them driving away

..the problem is ain't no streetrat going to give them a chance to use it.

Not to rain on anybody's parade here, but before you hurt yourself patting yourself on the back about how smart you are for stacking the deck, recognize that every streetrat out there has stacked the deck in his favor too!

This ain't no adrenal stress scenario where you are guaranteed to win against a padded attacker. He's got a host of nasty, sneaky tricks that he hasn't just practiced, but he's used to survive out there. Including the likelihood of using a weapon from the shadows if he thinks you'd be too much of a risk to bitch slap. What I'm saying is it's easy to win a game of poker when you are the only one who is cheating. It's a whole lot rougher when everyone else is cheating too.

I have a bit of bad news for folks who think that they have stacked the deck having trained in WWII combatives, reality based fighting, extreme fighting or the ultimate fighting system. That is: Violence in the street is that game of poker where everyone is cheating, the winner is going to be the guy who is better at it. Not the better fighter, but the guy who can neutralize all those ways that his opponent is thinking will stack the deck in his favor.

Putting it bluntly, he ain't going to give you a chance to use all your uber-bad ass street fighting moves. When he drops this bomb on your head, it's going to be his timing, not yours. Because getting the first shot off is a major component of who wins the streets.

If you don't know what these things look like being developed, then they are going to nail you before you have a chance to bring out your ultimate streetfighting shit. Unless you have the experience, cunning, skill or just dumb luck to spot how the guy is going to "cheat" (or  what he is relying on to carry the day for him), then. the odds are, it will get a serious piece out of you. Now the really bad news, those people get real inventive in all the ways they come up with to cheat.

For Pride vs. For Life
Years past there was a Western cartoon strip called Rick O'Shay. It wasn't always funny, in fact it was often poignant and other times it had good life lessons. One of the latter examples involved a Rick O'Shay's son and his father's friend Hipshot (a gunfighter). Watching a coyote chase a rabbit, the boy asks who will succeed. Hipshot tells him the rabbit. When asked why, Hipshot replies, "The coyote is running for his supper, the rabbit is running for his life."

That is a very important lesson for wanna-be warriors who are thinking their training is going to allow them to beat up dangerous street criminals and earn street respect. Except that we're not talking about a rabbit running for his life, we're talking about facing someone who is fighting for his life ... and no, we're not talking about you.

Over and above the weirdness of the antisocial personality and narcissistic personality disorders common among criminals, there is a huge amount of post-traumatic-stress disorder arising from a life of violence. You also have all the other fun issues like drug dependency of the guy holding a gun on you. And on top of all this, he's deeply enmeshed in a lifestyle where explosive violence is necessary to keep to keep the other sharks who are constantly around him from turning on him. Until you have seen it first hand, it is impossible to imagine how suddenly, savagely and explosively this kind of violence can occur. Not just in his mind, but in that lifestyle loss of props (proper respects) will result in his downfall. And to that personality type, loss of status IS synonymous with death. And in light of the fact that the leading cause of death among the young of certain ethnic groups is each other, he's got good reason to believe it is.

Not only does that mean that is how he is going to react to any perceived threat (or threat display) by you, but he'll also do it if he feels you have disrespected him. Which brings us back to that old problem of experience at actually doing it vs. training.

Figure the guy you will be facing has experience using it, it isn't a matter of training, with him it's a matter of doing. You're the virgin in this situation. He knows it is a winning strategy because he has used it on other suckers before. It doesn't matter how "tough" you think you are or what ultimate fighting style you've trained in, survival against professionally and habitually violent people (streetfighters) has less to do with physical prowess or weapons, than knowing how to spot when someone is trying to set you up. Because once he gets that advantage, he will never let up to allow you use all those killer kung fu commando moves that you paid so much to learn.

Oh BTW, there's also one more thing you should know about the guy you're supposedly trained to fight. He expects to die. His life really doesn't mean that much to him -- and yours definitely doesn't mean anything to him -- so he's far more interested in protecting is street credibility than staying alive. Because as far as he's concerned that credibility is the only thing keeping him from being victimized by other like him.

Piss Lightening And Shit Macho
Now that you have some idea who you'll be facing in a "street fight," let's look at those idiots who claim to be able to teach you how to fight such monsters. Better yet, let's look at all those internet warriors who -- from the safety of their keyboards -- tell you that they piss lightening and shit concentrated macho because they know that deadly fighting style.

Putting it mildly, the kinds of people I described in the last section would cut their balls off.

And not just because these street monsters could. But because the behavior that these keyboard warriors think makes them look tough, studly and all-knowing about real fighting, would trigger an attack by the street monsters.

Here is an important safety tip to understand about the behavior you see these cyber-studs engaging in. They are BETAs aping alpha behavior. It's not even close to alpha behavior, it's what these insecure and not well respected in real life nerds think tough guys act like. What they are presenting is a horrible macho and simplistic parody  of a vastly complex social and biological issue.

Despite all their talk about how ... and pay close attention to the phraseology here ... "YOU should have acted" and "How they WOULD have handled it" realize that these guys aren't doing a damned thing. In fact, go out and surf these forums and see how many times you see these cybercommandos get as giggly and excited as a bunch of drunk tween girls over incidents that NOTHING happened! Stories abound on these forums of people who bravely walked down the street to investigate a disturbance that broke up before they even got there. But to listen to these lurid tails you'd think that the guy had fought off 27 ninjas with uzis.

Do yourself a favor, before you listen to these idiots about what alpha behavior is at least know what alpha behavior looks like ... that way you're less likely to provoke a street monster to cut your balls off.

Oh, one more thing, knowing this about betas aping alpha behavior ... take another look at the page quote. It will mean something totally different now.

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