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Pool Cues, Beer Bottles and Baseball Bats
 Animal's Guide to Improvised Weapons
 for Self Defense and Survival

Marc MacYoung

It's not just guns and knives. Anything that can be used to defend yourself can be considered a weapon. This books widens the definition of what constitutes a weapon to include rope, beer bottles, pens, pool cues, cats, tables and chairs, keys, gin and tonic, and more.

Extensive martial arts training just may not prepare you for the guy coming at you with a tire iron or a baseball bat, while Pool Cues, Beer Bottles & Baseball Bats helps teach you to wing it with whatever comes close to hand.

The books presents advanced details generally left out of formal training about 'improvised weapons' that can be used defensively in a real street fight. How basic categories of weapons look, feel and act are defined, as well as their most effective uses.

And just as importantly, you'll begin to look at the things around you in terms of how you'd use them if a guy in the bar lost his cool and threatened to take you out with a pool cue. That applies equally to anyone attempting to mug, rob, rape or otherwise assault you. Equipped with a new understanding of weapons and how they work, you will be able to pick up just about anything and use it to survive.

Warning: This book was one of the first written when Marc MacYoung was "coming out of the street lifestyle" ('the Life'); offensive language and an obvious display of " street attitude" are present. This is the very attitude you will face out there. The book is not for all readers. But the concepts are important, despite language and presentation.

Pool Cues, Beer Bottles & Baseball Bats: Animal's Guide to Improvised Weapons for Self-Defense and Survival (Paladin Press) 1990, 137 pages, ISBN 0-87364-545-6.

Softcover, Item# Bpoolcues
Book -- $18      Retail: $20

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Comments regarding this book include:
This was the first of Marc "Animal" MacYoung's books I read and still one of my favorites. Improvised Weaponry is a terribly under-studied field. This isn't ancient Japan or the old West, we can't walk around with a katana or Colt six shooter on our hips. Many people just cannot carry weapons on a routine biases (Weapons are forbidden on the Navy ship I work and live on for instance) so the art of improvising weapons quickly in a crisis is an extremely handy skill. On another note this book introduced me to the wonderful and always practical writings of ex-street fighter Marc "Animal" MacYoung. Although not a how-to book so much as a book on common sense and strategy. Animal's books are easy to read, incredibly funny, touching in parts, and though provoking. Personally I think this comes from the very human nature of the author. Like it our not (And Animal if your reading this I hope you take this the right way) Animal is not unique. He's good yes, but there's a guy just like him in half the bars between New York and LA. Animal is not some martial arts guru who has spend every waking nano-second of his life perfecting his art. He fights to live he doesn't live to fight. -- Joseph C. Bentley, Norfolk, Virginia

Animal is the greatest self defense writer around. After reading this book you will start sizing up things, and making practical choices concerning improvised weaponry. This stuff could save your life, and that's the point. Also like his other books, the text is hilarious and easily readable. Thanks Mr. MacYoung for another great book. -- Christopher Geer, Orange, California

As someone who creates fights for the stage, this book is filled with great material. Not necessarily for the techniques taught, but for the weapon ideas, anecdotes and experiences which Mr. MacYoung shares. Will this book make you a better fighter? Only in so far as it'll certainly put a few nasty tricks up your sleeve -- or keep you aware of what might be up the other guy's sleeve. And that could be enough to keep you alive.

Mr. MacYoung writes with the voice of the trickster. Wise from a lifetime of experience. If you've ever seen the Patrick Swayze movie "Road House", you might think the writers had him in mind as the source material for Sam Elliot's character.
-- nyfeman, New York, New York

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