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Violence Blunders and Fractured Jaws
Advanced Awareness Techniques and Street Etiquette

Marc "Animal" MacYoung

This book isn't going to tell you how to bust heads or break jaws. What it will give you are street culture signs that will allow you to avoid a potential trip to the hospital.

A one-time denizen of the streets, Marc MacYoung gives sage advice from his firsthand knowledge and keen observations of "street culture." And that knowledge was gained from too many years living on the "pointy end" as thug, drug dealer, street person and later bouncer, security provider and corrections facility director. He also passes on tricks of the trade from other professionals who deal with violence on a daily basis.

"You can always tell the wannabes," MacYoung points out. "They're the guys talking about how there are no rules in the street. There's all kinds of rules, checks and balances, and standards of behavior. If you want to come out of there alive, you learn what things mean and how the game is played. If you don't, you'll never see it coming. The key to street survival is awareness, not slammin' and jammin'."

Blunders takes a look at the operating systems of the street culture: cultural, family and group. Other chapters tackle street etiquette basics, "names, reps and handles," turf, women, "untouchables," magick and religion, awareness building techniques, and much, much more. These are things that, if you are dealing with street people, you need to know. The ideas from this book will teach you to hot wire, short out or defuse an impending crisis rather than having to fight your way out.

The book provides fascinating insights and an exciting read -- whether you cho0se to walk on the wild side, it's your job to deal with these people or because you simply want to read about the culture within the cultures of a nation or locality.

Autographed by author

Warning: This book was written when MacYoung was "coming out of the street lifestyle ("the Life"); offensive language and an obvious display of "street attitude" are present. The book is not for all readers. But the concepts are important, despite language and presentation. This is the attitude a person will face "out there."

Violence, Blunders and Fractured Jaws: Advanced Awareness Techniques and Street Etiquette (Paladin Press), 1992, 328 pages, ISBN 978087364671X

Softcover, Item# Bblunders
Book -- $28    Retail: $30

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Comments about Blunders include:
What sets Marc Macyoung apart from many other self-defense experts is this: he teaches you how to avoid fights in the first place. Avoidance and Prevention are common themes that prevail throughout his works. And this book teaches you exactly how to avoid or anticipate confrontations by identifying the potential trouble makers. With his unique style of writing, Animal shares his knowledge in an informative, yet entertaining way. For all those of you who have enjoyed Animal's other works, this is a good book to have. And for those who don't know Marc Macyoung, this book is worth a try. -- XYZreader, Canada

I enjoyed this book a great deal, although by looking at a few of the other reviews it seems that not everyone was able to get something out of it . . . could this be due to the fact that there are no pictures or illustrations to look at??? If you have only limited experience dealing with the likes of: skells, goblins, crackheads, and wannabe gangstas, this book will open your eyes as to what might be going through their diseased brains. Likewise, if you happen to find yourself in a bar that happens to be frequented by: outlaw bikers, airborne rangers, or drunken cowboys, the tips on "ettiqutte" herein will greatly increase the likelihood that you'll be permitted to leave the premises with all of your teeth intact. True, this is NOT a "how to fight" book, but it IS in fact a "self-defense" manual, as the most important lesson of self-defense is AVOIDING the fight in the first place!!! Unfortunately, most [people] know nothing of this, having been brought up with the "John Wayne" macho mentallity. Add some alcohol to the equation and . . . "HEY!!! Are you lookin' at ME??? Maybe you wanna TAKE IT OUTSIDE???" You get the picture. Violence is not "happy fun time," children, regardless of what you might've seen on TV. If you get in a fight, there will be the following things to take into consideration: broken knuckles, busted nose, blood all over your expensive shirt, tearing up your fancy shoes on the goblin's incisors, hospital bills, court, jail time, your name in the newspaper, and the goblin's brothers coming lookin' for you. Take it from someone who's been there . . . after you've been in a few fights, it stops being fun anymore. Animal's book has a lot of good advice so that his readers don't have to learn these lessons the hard way. -- Tyr Shadowblade, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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