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A Bouncer's Guide to Barroom Brawling
Dealing with the Sucker Puncher, Streetfighter and Ambusher

Peyton Quinn

As a bouncer in a biker bar, Peyton Quinn learned a thing or two about what really goes down in a fight. As a black belt, he also learned that martial arts training is useful, but no substitute for experience.

In this unique guide, Quinn reveals the psychology, strengths and weaknesses of a sucker puncher, the characteristics of a fight and tips for dealing with aggressive people and ambushes.

An important section of the book also deals with avoiding violence -- something as important as knowing how to throw a good punch. As a side note, he also takes a look at what martial art might be right for you.  

Bouncer's Guide to Barroom Brawling: Dealing with the Sucker Puncher, Streetfighter and Ambusher (Paladin Press) 264 pages, ISBN 0873645863ISBN 0873645863

Softcover, Item# Bbouncersguide
Book $20       Retail: $21.95

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Those who have read Bouncer's Guide note:

Quinn's writing style is very similar to Marc MacYoung's, right down to the expletives. Similarly, his no-nonsense advice is hard hitting and right on point.

This excellent book begins by pointing out that avoiding violence is an essential technique in and of itself, just as valuable as knowing how to throw a good punch or deliver a strong kick. The fundamental elements of avoidance tactics section is important information. There are also solid sections on the realities of fighting which, as experienced warriors understand, is nothing like what you see in the movies. It's ugly stuff best avoided. Even when you triumph there are legal (and medical) ramifications that can come back to haunt you. The author's stay out of prison plan is excellent. Advanced practitioners should appreciate this information, but won't get a lot out of the rest of the book.

The principles of defensive and offensive techniques are fairly basic, but well written and comprehensive. He covers striking, grappling, and movement in good detail. Don't forget, however, that you really cannot learn this stuff solely from a book. It should be supplemented with a hands-on instructional program. Chapter 7, which covers how to select an appropriate martial art for your own personal safety is an outstanding overview for beginners that can help you find one.
-- Lawrence Kane , author of The Way of Kata and Martial Arts Instruction

There's a lot of good things to be said for this book. The author has been exposed to a handful of very different martial arts styles, has worked as a bouncee, and so has field-tested a lot of this stuff. He emphasizes principles over technique, a concept that makes the techniques actually easier to apply. The author goes into the "fight interview," which a lot of "saloon warriors" will use to determine whether or not a victim is ripe for attack. He goes through some techniques to avoid the sucker punch, which is something missing from many self-defense books. While I don't think that all of his stuff is a good idea (one of his avoidance techniques is to act crazy ... but in public?), I think that it is worth looking at. The actual techniques are drawn from Wado-ryu Karate, Wing Chun and White Crane Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido and a little boxing. He doesn't cover grappling too well, and completely avoids the subject of ground fighting, but the idea, I guess, is to make sure you never go to the ground. Any wrestling or BJJ book will teach some good reversals and escapes, and can be used to supplement this book. The overall idea of this book is that real fighting is messy and technically ugly, so it's best to have a handful of high-percentage techniques, as well as a good grasp of the principles behind them, but realize that "anyone can get their [booty] kicked". This book has valuable chapters on distancing, facing, and footwork, how to recognize a sucker punch, and choosing a martial art that's right for you. For those that practice at home, there are a number of drills included to help one function under high-stress scenarios. I'd say that for someone who's really interested in good self-defense, this book and its system would be a good foundation, especially if you've got experience in a "hard" style. But as I mentioned earlier, I think the program needs to be supplemented by a groundfighting/grappling program, and probably some weapons training. Overall, though, I'm glad I bought the book. -- Joseph M. Burtner, Kilmarnock, Virginia

This is a no nonsense book about keeping yourself safe BEFORE the punches start flying. It's got great concepts and info on staying away from getting yourself stomped. It's a must read for any martial artist.

Peyton Quinn knows his stuff! -- Chris Pellitteri, Upland, California

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