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Street E&E
Evading, Escaping and Other Ways to Save Your Ass
When Things Get Ugly

Marc "Animal" MacYoung

When the sickening realization comes that you are outflanked, outnumbered, outclassed and outgunned ... it's time ... to run fiercely.

Marc MacYoung's Street E&E tells you how to survive that terrible moment.

Long-term survival isn't a matter of clashing head-on with every problem that comes along. It's knowing when to be hard and when to be soft; when to run with the ferocity of a wolf from overwhelming odds and then turn to strike when you have the upper hand again. A constant willingness to fight isn't the mark of a professional, knowing when to fight, when to watch and when to withdraw is. He's the one who's going to stay alive.

The person who knows how to use his environment, apply hit 'n' run tactics and use his enemies' weaknesses can turn from ghost to tiger back to ghost again. And those lessons can be found within this book. Ranging from immediate survival to what to do when you are being hunted to long-term disappearance when you've crossed the wrong people, this book helps you devise survival strategies.

Autographed by author

Warning : This book was one of the first written when MacYoung was "coming out of the street lifestyle ("the Life"); offensive language, and an obvious display of " street attitude" are present. The book is not for all readers. But the concepts are important, despite language and presentation. This is the attitude a person will face "out there."

Street E&E: Evading, Escaping and Other Things to Save Your Ass When Things Get Ugly (Paladin Press) 1993, 177 pages, ISBN 0-87364-743-2

Softcover,  Item# Beande
Book -- $18      Retail: $20

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Reviews of this book include:
In my opinion, this is the finest of Animal's books. Animal has always written in order that the reader does not get his butt kicked. The first couple of chapters are nothing more than a condensed version of his other books. But the later chapters are what makes this book work.

Animal does a great job in giving you tips in leaving a scene in a hurry, especially if you are running away from a gang. Some require prior actions, liking feeding neighborhood dogs, but most do not. He also discusses how you can counterattack your pursuers.

Lastly, Animal talks about how to stay away from those seeking you out. First he tells you how to hide away from the police and organized crime. Then he tells you how to avoid the local yokals.

All in all, a fine book.
-- C. Bedford Crenshaw, Indiana

This gem of a book details how to get yourself out of sticky situations you probably shouldn't have gotten into in the first place! MacYoung gives sound advice on how to live your life when persons of nefarious intent are gunning for you, how to think and plan ahead for danger, and the realities of violence. True to Animal's inimitable style, this is also one of the funniest books he's written. Get it. -- Michael B. Bruneio, Easton, Pennsylvania

How many times have you heard someone say, or even said it yourself, if someone gets nasty with me, I'll just run away! This (running across traffic) is a recognized street survival / escape skill, but there are only a few of us who know how to do it properly and who teach it. One is my friend Animal who tells how in  his book: Street E&E

Animal's writing style is witty, his attitude is sarcastic and he is above all, practical. His website, is a wonderful resource of good stuff but I got free video!  Hah!
--Ted Truscott Defend Yourself 101

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