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Human beings are two legged milking stools
                          Steve Plinck

When Takedowns Go Wrong

This page under construction, but what we're going to cover is ...

On this page:
Takedowns vs. Throws | Line of Stance Integrity | Using Leverage | Cone of Balance| Reactions to Losing Balance | Stance | Step | Counterbalance | Brace | Takedowns | Throw |

Difference between throw and take down
A Throw catapults someone over a point (whether you do it or he does it himself to avoid pain). A Takedown takes away what he needs to stay upright. (Since they work via gravity, Takedowns are more reliable, but you have to remember to stop him stepping)

Leverage... It's Really Not That complicated a Tool
Taking a table's legs away vs. catapulting

Line of Stance integrity
Draw a line between someone's ankles. If you're pushing along that line, he can resist you. And all it takes is a step for him to align his body to resist your force

Cone of Balance
Human balance is an both an ongoing and delicate process. But it is an instinctive one, we automatically do it without thought. Once you know this, however, it's very easy to introduce someone to Mr. Gravity.

Three reactions to losing balance
Humans have three instinctive reactions to losing balance. Once you know them, instead of them working against you, you can make them work for you. 1) step and counterbalance
2) Grab
3) brace for impact

And how knowing about these will make your takedowns/throws much easier.

Okay, want to know why
a) take downs so often fail
b) when they do, you end up on the ground with the perp?
The foundation of the problem is how you're standing. Odds are your stance isn't the right one for what you're trying to do and WHERE you are standing

Take Downs
Basic formula: Enter + break balance + prevent reestablishing it = Takedown

Basic formula: Enter + break balance + leverage = Throw

In the mean time we'd like to direct your attention to the DVD sets to your right. Both Wim DeMeere (Sanshou) and Bob Orlando (Fighting Footwork) have information that can make your takedowns SOOOOOOOOoooo much easier.

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