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Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat
A Complete Guide to the Tactical Legwork

of Kuntao, Silat and Kuntao-Silat
DVD Volumes 1-4

Bob Orlando

There are more ways to attack with the feet than kicking. Many commercialized martial arts have lost a wide array of offensive foot and legwork that was initially in the systems. And most defensive tactics have never even heard of the idea. This video will help you plug in this incredibly effective tool ... whatever style you study.

A distinction of Indonesian martial arts is the devastating leg and footwork. While a kuntao/silat practitioner's upper body is busy trapping, parrying or striking, the lower base (legs) are simultaneously applying techniques to trap, unbalance and destroy your opponent's structure and balance. The result is an opponent too busy trying to stay upright and unbroken to resist -- or more importantly, counter-attack. He's too busy trying to keep from falling to attack you, except after blasting his structure with your offensive footwork, your hands are going to send him crashing to the ground before he can recover.

Veteran kuntao/silat practitioner Bob Orlando spent years analyzing Indonesian legwork and organizing it into a true martial science. Now the information is available in a four-volume DVD series.

Orlando explains the critical elements of silat/kuntao legwork and teaches the mechanics of trapping and unbalancing an opponent. He teaches the first two langkahs (legwork drills) of the system and shows how to apply them with all three fighting styles. He also demonstrates dozens of supplemental drills and combat applications.

Part 2 shows the third and fourth langkahs and the subtleties of their variations, as well as the many benefits of the selo (a distinctive spiraling motion allowing escapes from a variety of the leg traps practitioners can throw).

Part 3 exhibits how to integrate the langkahs into the most advanced drills of the art, Langkahs 5 and 6. The segment also focuses on constant trapping and locking the legs of an attacker.

The fourth and final part completes the series on combative footwork by showing unique leg strengthening methods and brutal low-line kick tactics. Orlando shows you how to develop strength and stamina needed to fully use the foot and legwork.

Although most people think legwork means kicking, this series shows how destructive accurate foot and leg placement can be with techniques that magnify your strike's effectiveness to end a conflict. Look at the cover photos and try to figure out a way of those position before an elbow crashes into you rendering you unconscious. That's what is going to happen to an attacker or resisting perp.

The Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat: A Complete Guide to the Tactical Legwork of Kuntao, Silat and Kuntao-Silat (Paladin Press) Volumes 1-4, 2004, color, running time approximately 65 minutes per tape.
 Each DVD -- $47    Retail $49.95

Here's a special offer. We don't expect you to buy a pig in a poke. You can order any volume # independently of the others. And 4 part,  DVD set is a sizable investment.
So if you buy any one of the Fighting Footwork DVDs from us and later decide that you want the rest of them, we will sell you the rest of the set at the Package Deal price. You're not will not get these kinds of savings anywhere else. Volume 1: $47 Order Now!
Volume 2:
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Volume 3:
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Volume 4:
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Volumes 1 and 2 DVDs $83
Volumes 3 and 4 DVDs $83
Four-Volume Set DVDs $160

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DVD, Item#

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