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If it hits the fan, I know
where the first bullet is going
                           An anonymous Officer

Yellow Tinted Back-Up and Other Aggravations

This page is under construction.

The topics we'll be addressing

Yellow Tinted Backup
When your back up, backs up OR stops to tie his shoe, fiddle with his radio or says he didn't hear the "Go" order so he lets you go first. We'll address the problem of getting the reputation of 'being able to handle yourself' so people volunteer you to go first ... in what should be a team effort.

"I'm Helll-Ping!"  "No you're naaaught!"
Some people just get in the way. We'll address how to resolve a physical conflict before they have a chance to help -- or to be more accurate, hinder.

Have you ever noticed that there are just some people who could piss-off a saint? Often such a person's actions -- and sometimes even just  his/her mere presence  -- inflames an already volatile situation. We'll discuss methods of getting the message across to such a person that they mind their Ps and Qs around you.

Check back in a few months


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