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I don't want to encourage paranoia, but I do want to encourage
you to think, perhaps even "outside the box." And I can think of no
more confining or dangerous a box than the one whose sides are
made of: "It can't happen here" and whose lid consists of:
 "It can't/won't happen to me."
                                      David Jefferson Bean

Women's Self-Defense

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Crime prevention lectures | Women's self-defense | Private lessons Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas

We're probably not real smart for saying this, but what do you need more? A few hour long lecture on recognizing and avoiding violent crime or a full weekend long women's self-defense course?

One's a lot cheaper and easier to host.

Lunch Time Lectures: Crime prevention
Until you have seen the savagery of -- and the depths of trauma left by -- criminal attacks many things may seem more important than avoiding crime. Often it is this very attitude that makes it easy for the criminal to attack you! That's because people unwittingly walk right into the lion's jaws!

The old saw An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies to being victimized as well. Before you can apply that, you need to know what to look for. If real crime looked like it did in the movies, then it would be no problem spotting it and leaving. Unfortunately, what's coming at you in a deserted parking lot, doesn't behave like movie bad guys.

 The Lunch Time Lectures provide your staff, easy and basic steps to prevent from being selected as a victim. Crime prevention and crime avoidance are easy...once you know how criminals really operate. Once you know what criminals need in order to succeed -- with very little effort -- you can prevent the criminal from choosing you as his victim. Safety comes not from physically defending yourself, but not putting yourself into a situation where you would have to.

Note: This is not a speech on self-defense. Nor is it a promotion to get your employees to study martial arts with us. It is about only one thing, teaching your employees how to be safe from crime. In addition, Marc MacYoung has been described as a "very engaging and funny" speaker on a subject that is supposed to be scary. He is not a "paranoia pimp." As a lecturer, his goal is to give your employees the tools they need in order to be safe.

TV/VCR/DVD necessary

Lecture rates:
$100 an hour (Denver/Colorado Springs area only)
Travel: $500 for a 2 - 3 hour long lecture

Contact Marc Macyoung at or call NNSD
303 814-0976 10 - 6 pm MST

Women's self-defense
Marc has a saying: Everything I learned about women in the locker room was wrong. But ...if that's the case, what makes you think what other women tell you about men is any less wrong?

Men and women think and behave differently. And miscommunication is often a big source of conflict. This course is jointly taught by both Dianna Gordon MacYoung and Marc MacYoung. We teach it together because, that way, you aren't hearing locker room 'wisdom' about the opposite sex. The organization and presentation of the information is unique in that we  present both the female AND male perspective.

We do this because we aren't teaching self-defense nearly as much as we are teaching life skills and rape/crime avoidance. This is not a course on empowerment,  women's rights, fighting, or permission to do whatever you want to do; it is about commonsense, personal safety and taking personal responsibility so as not to be assaulted, raped or robbed.

NOTE: It is highly advised that you encourage both mothers and daughters to attend together -- in fact, we recommend you offer a 'family discount.' The mixing of ages helps because youth often has a hard time imaging these things happening. Hearing older women -- including their mothers -- discuss past experiences assists in getting the message across.

WSD seminars are two days/seven hours (see below*)

Cost is:
$1,500, plus travel expenses for two within the US/Canada. $2000 overseas and travel/lodging expenses

Joint efforts are acceptable because it sometimes is difficult for one school/agency to muster sufficient numbers of participants. Two one-day seminars can be taught within the same city over a weekend with the various hosting agencies splitting costs and responsibilities.

*The seminar host must supply "ukes" and protective gear for them (hogues and cups or "Redman" suits). Ratio: Maximum 10 students for each uke, five to one is preferred, however. An additional evening of training of volunteer ukes must be schedule the night before the seminar. We have to fly in on a Friday afternoon to teach the ukes that night so they don't get hurt.

Private lessons in Castle Rock Colorado
Castle Rock is conveniently located at an equal distance between the Colorado Springs and Denver airports. Several hotels offer a selection of lodgings and prices.

$50 an hour at the Castle Rock Rec Center
You pick the subject you want to learn

Castle Rock Hotel information The Quality Inn Castle Rock has a exercise room that serves as a workout room

There are a couple more places to find inexpensive lodging in town
      Castle Rock Hotel 303-688-9728
      Castle Pines Hotel 303-688-1207

Hosting a seminar in US/Canada (amounts in US dollars)
Seminars run seven hours per day, plus one hour lunch break. All seminars and lectures are tailored to the needs of the hosting agency. It is at the host's discretion as to whether the seminars are internal for the school/agency only or open to public. Limit approximately 30 people (if more, additional staff is needed.) If open, charge what you like, you pocket the profits after fees/expenses are paid. However, for open events a "private" Friday night training session ca be scheduled for no extra charge.

$1000 two days, plus travel expenses and lodgings
$1200 three days, plus same
$1,500four days, plus same
$2000 six days, plus same

Allow for arrival the day/night before the seminar. For weekend seminars, this means Friday afternoon arrival in case of  flight delays. Sunday night return is acceptable if convenient, if not, Monday morning departure is acceptable.

Hosting a seminar overseas
Two day: $1,500 (US) plus travel and hotel lodging
Four day $2,000 (US), plus same
Longer tours: Contact us for prices

Allow for overseas arrival at least one day prior to seminar to compensate for jet lag and flight delays
NOTE: Travel time is a major factor of overseas pricing. Coordinating back-to-back seminars with other schools in your country (or neighboring countries) significantly reduces the cost of training and travel. Two schools split airfare and hotel arrangements. Smaller, private  midweek training sessions can be added without extra expense for the hosting schools/instructors.

For overseas engagements  allow for arrival a day and half  prior (Thursday) to seminar in order to compensate for jet lag and flight delays

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