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What kids don't understand is drinking isn't a sprint.
It's not a race to see how fast and how bombed
you can get. It's a marathon. Drinking is something
you use to enhance a long night of fun.
                          An old bartender

Reduced Capabilities

It's hard to avoid being raped, beaten and robbed if -- through drugs and alcohol -- you've reduced your capacities to out maneuver, out think and resist an attacker.

Now a great many moralists will be offended by this page. Because their attitude are:
Don't drink underage.
Don't do drugs.
Don't associate with the wrong people.

Yeah, right like that advice is going to be followed...

The difference between us and the moralists is that we know young people are going to do these things. Because face it, that kind of behavior is fun.

Putting it mildly, in his past Marc not only raised hell, but he propped a rock under it. And since he hasn't donned the cloak of a repentant sinner about his past, he has absolutely no claim to telling people that they shouldn't do it when it comes to having a good time.

However, at the same time, he will tell you "TANSTAAFL." (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch).

There's benefits of breaking the rules, but there are also costs ... as well as dangers. And if you choose to break the rules by going out where the wild things play, then you'd better accept, that
a) you're not in Kansas anymore
b) you can't pick and choose which rules other people will decide to break
c) that there are some nasty people in this world who will -- without hesitation
   hurt and abuse you if you give them the chance
d) incapacitating yourself around them is a flat-out dangerous idea.

They may not have the right to hurt you, but they certainly do have the intent -- especially if you give them the opportunity by getting so blasted that you can't take care of yourself.

Now the bad news about breaking 'the rules,' there are still rules.

Here are some basic rules of partying that if you don't want to find yourself sobbing in a police station or in the hospital, you might want to guide your partying by...

Don't get so tanked you can't come back when something goes wrong

Don't get blasted any place you aren't going to -- and are comfortable with
 -- spend ing the night

Don't get baked around people you don't know AND trust

(Him not having raped you 'yet' does not constitute being 'trustworthy.' Here are some danger signs of people you shouldn't get blasted around)

Recognize a pending pass-out and crawl off and hide

When you crawl off to go to sleep, lock the door

Eat something before partying

Don't mix sweet drinks

Know what drugs to avoid You + ? = bad combo

Designated driver/ guardian and then listen to her when she says "time to go."

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