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In order to survive an impossible situation
you don't need the brains of Einstein, the muscles
of Hercules or the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver.
All you need is to know what to do.
                       Anthony Greenback

What You DON'T Have To Do To Be Safe

When it comes to crime and violence, the old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is not only true, but a potential life saver. And that is not hyperbole.

The good news is an overwhelming majority of our recommendations are  nonviolent and have no negative impact on your lifestyle.

How can that be? Well, you might want to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

It all it boils down to the fact that, while the ability to defend yourself is important, we believe common sense preventive actions are far more reliable ways to ensure your personal safety, as well as that of your loved ones.

In order to be safe, the average person:

  • Doesn't have to pay lots of money to some expert
  • Doesn't have to learn a martial art
  • Doesn't have to buy a gun
  • Doesn't have to become paranoid or hyper-vigilant
  • Doesn't have to stop going out
  • Doesn't have to learn how to fight

All you need is to know the details of the problems you are most likely to face ... and then use a little common sense. After that, it's easy. It's mostly about knowing where you don't want to be and making sure someone can't put you there.

In a similar vein, you don't need to know everything about self-defense. In fact that is one of the biggest misconceptions about self-defense. That last link will help you clarify your real needs so you won't get taken in by some fast-talking salesperson.

The hardest part is doing your homework before you find yourself in a situation -- and that is what you are doing now.


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