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Gunfire for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques

Massad Ayoob

StressFire is the result of Massad Ayoob's years of research into what actually happens in gunfights. Learn how stress and adrenaline affect the mind and body, ruining conventional shooting techniques under pressure ... and how new techniques actually feed off that pressure to make you perform better under stress!

He details more than 30 techniques for coming out on top in a stress-shooting situation. These include how to shoot 360 degrees without conscious foot movement, how to effectively take out a target behind you, even on a stairway, and, most important, how to develop mind and fear control to master high stress shooting encounters.

StressFire is the only combat shooting method with a flowing, martial arts-oriented system of techniques to deal with any armed contingency under stress, yet is the easiest and quickest of the "modern techniques" to master!

And don't forget the companion DVD to this book, StressFire: Part One - Handgun

Stress Fire: Gunfighting for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques (Police Bookshelf) 1986, 149 pages, ISBN 0936279036

Softcover, Item# Bstressfire
Book -- $12    Retail: $12.95

Order Now!

Readers remark:

I was lucky enough to get Stressfire when it first appeared. Ayoob put together a nifty little manual that provides most of the "how to" needed to become an effective pistol shot. Much of the current FM 23-35, the Army's manual on pistol shooting, is so close that I wonder if the Army copied Stressfire. I'd recommend getting this book along with The Truth About Self Protection if you have a gun for self defense, or are considering that option. You'll still need to review your state and local laws, consult with an attorney, and if you want a concealed firearms permit you must get a training certificate from a licensed firearms instructor, but reading both Ayoob books (this one and The Truth About Self Protection) and your handgun's owner's manual and getting familiar with your chosen handgun before class starts will ensure that you get your money's worth from the instructor. It takes about 60 hours of training to turn someone with zero firearms experience into an acceptable handgun shooter--and some of that training must be under "operational conditions." Training is synthetic experience--structured, inexpensive, and geared for learning. Stressfire covers the three basics of firearms safety--muzzle control, trigger control, ammunition management. This same triangle is the basis for gunfighting--if your gun isn't loaded and the bullet exit port properly lined up with your target when you mash the trigger, you won't adequately impress your attacker--he won't stop his deadly and unavoidable assault upon you. Stressfire tells you how to do it. -- Alan D. Cranford, Carson City, Nevada

Massad Ayoob is one of the first tactics writers I came across when I first began interested in guns in the late 80's. That is not an accident, given the fact that Ayoob is one of the most famous and knowledgeable writers in business, and his writings are published widely in many magazines. So, I have a high respect for him.

The book covers a variety of topics on self defense and combat, including mental conditioning. Ayoob has developed his StressFire system onto a complete package that covers it all. Therefore, he has something to say about everything. That in itself is a good thing, and it adds to the completeness of this book, but it also gives a distinct impression of "empire-building". Since the StressFire system is Ayoob's creation, every time he mentions how things are better on StressFire, he seem biased. In addition, Ayoob rarely recommends a technique he has not invented himself (one of the only exceptions is Chapman flashlight technique, which Ayoob recommends in addition of his own StressFire technique).

But as I mentioned, the book is a complete package, and the techniques and tactics presented in the book seem reasonable and sound. I would recommend this book to anyone who carries a handgun, on or off duty. -- Seppo Vasala, Helsinki, Finland

For the hard-core, dedicated gun carrier, Massad Ayoob has written StressFire, subtitled Volume I of Gunfighting for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques. The first thing to strike you about this book is the absolutely awesome cover photo capturing the vortex-like fireball as Ayoob triggers one round of Federal .357 Magnum 125-grain jacketed hollowpoint out of a 4-inch barreled Smith & Wesson Model 13 revolver. Muzzle flash provides the only illumination for the photo. This shot was taken, obviously, before the era of flash-retardant powders greatly reduced the super-flamethrower effect of many .357 Magnum loads, including the Federal 125-grainers.

StressFire is a book on gunfighting. In it Ayoob puts forth the techniques he believes work best, based on having debriefed hundreds of gunfight survivors. It's good stuff. Ayoob looks into this controversial topic with rare insight. He was one of the first well-known instructors, for instance, to condemn the Weaver Stance as a combat technique, recommending instead a modified isosceles. Read this book, see if you can argue with his logic.

Massad Ayoob is a wonderfully articulate writer, with extremely strong opinions. Like his fellow gunwriter and instructor Jeff Cooper, he's the sort of larger-than-life personality that attracts both devoted followers and sworn enemies. Just to make it clear where I come down on the topic, I've trained with Mas Ayoob, I've read his articles and books for 20-plus years, I like the guy. But whether you love him or hate him, there's one fact that's undeniable: no one can honestly say he's done more to provide good, solid information on the use of the defensive handgun to the average citizen than Massad Ayoob.

Do I agree with everything in this book? No. Every highly trained gunperson is going to have their own repertoire of preferred techniques, some of which might differ from what Ayoob puts forth in StressFire. And that's fine. I will say, however, that in order to have an informed opinion on the topic of gunfight survival, StressFire is one of the books you simply must have read. -- Duane Thomas, Tacoma, Washington

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