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Real Fighting
Adrenaline Stress Conditioning
 Through Scenario-Based Training

Peyton Quinn  

In his best-selling book, A Bouncer's Guide to Barroom Brawling, Peyton Quinn shared hard-won wisdom and proven techniques culled from his years of combat experience as a bouncer. In Real Fighting, he takes it to the next level, showing the culmination of developing an effective self-defense training program based on his real world experience.

Although nothing is certain in a real fight, the flow of adrenaline into the bloodstream is one thing you can absolutely count on. From start to finish, how you handle this biochemical response determines victory or defeat.

Quinn reveals how you can learn to control the adrenaline rush and channel it effectively to either shut down an opponent and avoid fighting altogether or use it to aid you if the encounter goes physical.

Peppered with colorful war stories, Real Fighting presents the bottom line on what it takes to escape intact from any violent encounter. Quinn provides insight into controlling fear and avoiding the "choke" response, the ideal combat mindset, the essential cowardice of bullies, why the karate guy often fears the boxer, how weapons fit into the picture and more.

This book is about coming face-to-face with your fear -- and realizing your potential to overcome it.

Real Fighting: Adrenaline Stress Conditioning Through Scenario-Based Training (Paladin Press) 1996, 175 pages, ISBN 0-87364-893-5

Softcover, Item# Brealfighting
Book -- $20  Retail $22

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 Reviews of this book include:
First, I must say, that I am sorry I did not read this book years ago. And, I wish such a book was in print in the 1970's when I began my search for realistic self-defense training.<
The author's philosophy of training for real life encounters is extremely accurate. Although, it is not supported by scientific research, such as the book by Bruce Siddle
Sharpening the Warriors Edge a book designed for police training in lethal encounters. Yet, Quinn basis this concept on practical experience and a realistic understanding of what truly takes place during a fight. Which is very refreshing in today's world of unrealistic mythical martial arts that make fictitious claims about there style of self-defense ability.

The concept is simple, inoculate the mind and body to the effects of stress (FEAR) created adrenaline; to overcome the effects so as to prevail in any given self-defense situation. To create this level of skill one must train under circumstances as close to realistic as possible. This means actual hand to hand combat at close to full force and power as one can safely accomplish.

As the author states, and I agree 100%, boxing is as close and as realistic of a form of training for this process of inoculation yet, most people do not have the time or the desire to submit to the practice necessary to achieve the goal. So, Quinn has designed a system of training that achieves a level of competence that is sufficient to meet the desired goal.

The Law Enforcement community formally realized this about 15 years ago with the dynamic scenario (RED MAN) training. Although, police academies for years prior had required cadets to box or wrestle full contact. That is before the politically correct individuals got involved and said that women officers should not have to fight the men officers, and that this is a kinder gentler society. So, no one in police academies have boxed or trained at full contact now for over 20 years. No wonder, there are so many lawsuits filed against police agencies for excessive and unlawful use of force! The officers were not given the proper training and inoculation to this adrenaline stress so, they over react. I digress only to make a point of fact in reference to this concept of training.

The book maintains a practical view of self-defense. That is, situational awareness and perception of a threat and then avoidance of said threat is the best technique. Avoidance and preemption is always the best strategy.

One must achieve the proper mindset and mental preparation before any technique can be effective. The individual must be conditioned to control and channel the effects of fear and the adrenaline stress that follows it. Once this is accomplished the individual can now concern himself with the physical skills and techniques of hand to hand combat. Without this conditioned response to the adrenaline stress, all else is useless.

Buy the book and include this type of training into your self-defense program. This book is for all people interested in self-defense programs that need to be effective, including police and military, martial art instructors, firearms instructors, and the citizen who accepts responsibility for their own safety and security.
-- Anthony Cataldo, Jupiter, Florida

Although the mental image of Petyon driving a covered wagon instead of his customary Harley, entertains me to no end, I will -- with all seriousness -- say that the man is a pioneer in the field of adrenal stress training. In both the close-quarter-combat and shooting worlds the man's work has had a profound impact in training people for the realities of violence. An influence that scientific research is only now catching up with to show that Peyton had his finger on the subject's pulse all along. Peyton has a unique gift in his ability to take extremely complex and subtle factors, condensing them and conveying them in simple, precise terms. The man can, in a paragraph, map out something that takes most professionals years to learn.

Short, concise and to the point, if you are an instructor, he will direct you into fields that you must study in order to fully understand the subject, much less teach it. If you are out in the field, he'll give you the basic tools you will need -- and their application -- to get the job done. In doing this he will introduce you to wide spectrum of emotional, physical and psychological issues you will encounter if, and when, you find yourself involved in conflict and violent situations. Factors that he personally understands and can articulate from having been there himself. This is one ol' dawg that is well worth listening to, he knows of which he speaks.
-- Marc MacYoung

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